About Us

Established in 2001 and is the largest integrated poultry project in the Sultanate of Oman situated in Thumrait, Southern Oman on a 40 square kilometer farm area. It is worth mentioning that A'Saffa poultry are fed with 100% natural fodder, produced in a highly equipped factory and slaughtered manually by knife (REAL HALAL) according to Islamic law (Shariaa). Since then A'Saffa has already achieved leadership in most poultry product categories it has entered and succeeded in gaining a good reputation through uncompromised quality, stringent manufacturing standards and conformity to international specifications. A'Saffa Foods S.A.O.G is accredited and certified by the highly recognized international body TUV.

  • ISO 9001 Total Quality Management System,
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and is certified by
  • HACCP for Food Quality and Hygiene.

A'Saffa Foods Processing state of-the-art plant located in Muscat produces high quality fresh and frozen poultry, beef and meat processed products. A'Saffa Foods further processed products include Chicken Franks, Chicken Mince, Chicken Breaded Burgers, Chicken Fillets, Chicken Fingers, Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Spring Rolls, Chicken Samosas, Beef Burger, Beef Mince, Tender beef cubes, Mortadella and Beef Meat balls - are delicacies that cater to a larger section of society. 

A'Saffa Foods maintains its commitment to produce and supply quality poultry, beef, Sea food and, fruit & Fruit pulp and Vegetable products and takes into consideration the ethical concerns in animal welfare.